Personalized and Free Digital
Services for Your SME

Escouade Numérique has teamed up with Desjardins to help
businesses by offering 5 free consulting sessions with volunteer experts in the world of digital transformations.

Our Services

1. Educate
Demonstrate the importance of digital
technology through targeted content.
2. Orient
Offer a free and neutral orientation service to identify the real digital problem.
3. Solve
Help solve business problems
through pre-qualified experts.
Enjoy 5 free sessions with a digital specialist, exclusive to Desjardins members.

Our Fields of Expertise

Digital strategy
Business tools and technologies
Operational efficiency
Website  database creation or optimization (transactional or not)
Social media presence
Digital or traditional advertising
Visibility in digital or traditional media
Recruiting new employees
Employee retention, engagement or training
Company culture
And many more

Our Admission Criterias

Escouade Numérique's services are exclusively dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses
that have 100 employees or less and that are based in Quebec.

How Can I Take Advantage of It?

1. Fill out the 360° Diagnostic form
Inform us about your company's current situation so that we can find the ideal specialist. During the first meeting with the specialist, you will get a free 30-minute consultation to discuss further about your business and situation.

2. Get a report from one of our specialists
During the second call, our specialist will prepare a list of concrete actions to improve your organization's performance and present it to you during a free 60-minute consultation.

3. Meet with a Digital specialist
Take advantage of three free 60-minute follow-up consultations with your specialist to monitor
your progress following the implementation of his or her recommendations.

360 Diagnosis

Personalized and Free Digital Services for Your SME

Do you want to make a digital shift in your business, whether it be in the way you promote your products or manage your operations? Would you like to develop a more agile corporate culture adapted to our new reality? Take advantage of our varied expertise and free support adapted to your reality with our free consulting service.
Our process
1. Fill out the 360° Diagnostic form to explain your business problem.
2. Meet with one of our specialists for a free 30-minute consultation to better understand your situation.
3. Obtain a report written by your specialist with concrete action plans that will be presented to you during a free 60-minute consultation.
4. Take advantage of a free accompaniment consisting of 3 other 60-minute consultations with your specialist to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations.

Are you ready?
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